Board Candidate Bios Rolling In

Don’t forget: voting begins tomorrow at AHA (10/24) for all paid and/or in-good-standing volunteers/members/goodly-folks. We will be there collecting votes from 7:00-10:00PM. You are encouraged to bring a dish to pass and some good cheer as we look forward to the next six months together. :)

Some other stuff:

  • Anyone who needs to vote absentee, please let us know ASAP!
  • Be sure to check out the list of board candidates and a bit about some of them over here!
  • We love you. <3
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October Board Elections!

Updated: Whoops, fixed the dates!

Elections for the next Board of Directors are coming up! Beginning today is the nomination period for prospective board members.

We have compiled a list of goals we have for the next board here: The Next 6 Months. If you think you can help us achieve those goals, please consider running for the board! The board term is six months long, and you must remain a member in good standing during this period.

Here’s the breakdown of important dates for elections:

  • Today – October 17 at 11:59PM: People can start nominating themselves or others over the ahashop_members at mailing list.
  • October 17 at 11:59PM – NOMINATIONS: If you nominate yourself or wish to accept someone else’s nomination, send an email explicitly and clearly stating that you are running to board at before midnight! Any confirmed nominees might also want to send a note to the ahashop_members at list so that people know they are running. The current board will also send out periodical reminders of confirmed nominees as we collect them.
  • October 18 – October 24 at 7:00PM – ABSENTEE VOTING: If you know that you are unable to make it to the voting party at AHA on the evening of the 24th, let us know ASAP and we will do our best to accommodate your vote with an alternate voting procedure.
  • October 24 at 7:00PM until 10:00PM – ELECTIONS: We host a themed Build Night in which the goal is to build a board! Converge on AHA at 7:00PM, eat potluck-style foods, and cast your ballot. We will tally votes at 10:00PM.
  • October 25 at Midnight: New board is put in place!

We will be using an instant-runoff-style vote. You will assign each nominee a number from 1 to N (N being the number of nominees we have by the end of the 17th). Higher numbers represent the nominees you favor most, with 1 being your least-favored. We will add up all of your ranking values and pick the five highest-scoring nominees, who will become the next board.

If you are a fully-paid Standard Member ($50), Reduced Membership Member ($20), or 4 ‘n’ 4 Staff Member ($0) in October, you are entitled to one vote. You may become a member at any time up until the 24th if you would like to be counted for this election.

And here’s the current board:
Alex Hatch
Dana Nelson
Khevna Shah
Nathan Yost
Zach Wick

Please leave a comment here or on the Board Elections mailing list thread with election-related questions, or nominations. If you have matters of a sensitive nature, you may also email the board directly at board at

Thank you, and see you for elections on October 24th at 7:00PM!

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New Space, Funky Hours!

Pics or it didn’t happen. Oh no! We spent a couple weeks cleaning and brightening the space up. You should come check it out!

We are now looking for a few awesome people to help keep the space open to the public. If you have five hours a week you want to spend learning to use tools, rocking out the front desk, and connecting people to the space –  we want you. Click it, it’s the first step to a wonderful new place : )

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Open on Saturday, September 7th!

Remodeling work and plumbing issues have taken a little longer than expected. We will be up and running again to the public on Saturday September 7th!

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No Admittance for a Week!

All Hands Active is inaccessible to all for a week. Some long needed plumbing issues are being dealt with, but until that work is finished no one is allowed in the space. 

If this is an issue, please contact Josh Williams ( joshdont at gmail dot com ) and we’ll see about making everything wonderful.

The landlord currently believes the space will be accessible on September 4th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, it took us by surprise (but no damage done).


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Space Remodeling Week

All Hands Active will be mostly out of commission this week, and we’ll need some awesome help during this period : )

Sunday, August 25th – Saturday August 31st we will be painting, removing unused items, and organizing every section of AHA. It starts today with the Prototyping and Loud Noise Rooms.

A more detailed schedule is available:

If you have an hour or two to spare, please feel free to add your name, or just show up. We’ll be there from 12pm to 8pm every day.

Looking forward to seeing a fresh new clean AHA for the start of September!

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MakerFaire Detroit: 2013 Edition

We had an awesome time at MakerFaire Detroit! It was great to see so many hacker/makerspaces about, we managed to talk with a few from as far as the Netherlands and as close as our Maker Works neighbor across the street. We saw Ribbon Farm’s awesome QuadCopter setup, i3Detroit in full force across the entire Faire, and BeagleBone educating the masses  A quick wrap up of our involvement includes Jacob and a Banana, Power Wheels, 3D Scanning, Backyard Brains and Jango Fett:

All because of a couple dozen awesome volunteers. You ladies & gents are amazing. Also, thanks a ton to the Knockout Concepts crew for lending us their LCD during setup the day before!

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AADL Junk Bots, Backyard Brains, and Volunteers!

Join us this Sunday from 2:00pm to 4:00pm to build Junk Bots at the AADL! Learn a little bit about electronics while resurrecting parts from old broken electronics. It’s like a Wreck Lab session, but with a bit more focus on making : )

Congrats to Backyard Brains! They hit $10k with their Kickstarter, but why stop there? Let’s push the NeuroRevolution a little further!

Looking for something to do over the next couple months? All Hands Active has plenty of volunteer opportunities available. Show us how awesome you are : )

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Virtual Reality, First Aid, Fundraising and More!

First Aid for Hackerspaces! Join RN Ana Maier on Sunday the 16th for a review of your mighty skills, and go on a scavenger hunt to discover all the places we hide First Aid Kits.

Craig Albert of The Game Makers has lent us an Oculus Rift Dev Kit! Get your VR Programming on down at the shop today.

We’re also working with The Game Makers to fundraise money for both our organizations. The Game Makers seeks to promote game development, and we’re looking to sustain a place for the public to make & create! Join us on June 22nd for a day of Virtual Reality with the Oculus Rift!

Check out the events page for more awesome events!

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3D Scanning Anyone?

The Cube has been replaced with a new layout of multi-purpose workstations! (Thanks Barracuda, Zach, & Thomas) This weekend we will be running multiple workshops that teach people how to use a Kinect to create 3D Models of humans. This would not have been feasible with the previous setup.

Like most of the tools at All Hands Active, the PCs in the lab are free for general use. Blender, SketchUp, InkScape, Eclipse, Visual and much much more are available.  The next time FedEx Kinkos tries to charge you $12 p/hour to edit a PDF, consider stopping by the shop ; ).

Also, thanks to Nate Yost & i3 Detroit, we have a fully armed and operational bat… laser printer.

Check out the rest of our upcoming events. We’re playing with Conductive Ink this Thursday at Build Night, join us!

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