Study material for our Students!

This weekend we got a care package from one of our sponsors, O’Reilly Media stuffed with books to give away to students in our Arduino and Electronics courses! In case you were unaware, O’Reilly’s user group program is totally awesome, and they love learning just as much as we do!

So, come down to one of our classes and learn some new skills or show off what you know, and you might end up going home with a totally rad book courtesy of O’Reilly!

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Newsletter time! — March 2013 Edition

Hello to all you lovely makers out there! It’s been a bit too quiet here for a while, so I decided to make some noise. AHA is off to a pretty good start in 2013, and we’ve got some cool stuff in store for the coming months. But first some financials!

The Financials
What we have in the bank as of the beginning of the February:
Bank: $1,965.14
PayPal: $713.34
CashBox: $100.00

This currently leaves us with about $800 in surplus cash for the month, which is before paying our wonderful Bright Futures staff, so we will end up with a bit less in the end; but the good news is that we’ve seen more money coming in from gaming and classes this month! Thanks to all our loyal members! We’re not in the clear just yet and still working to make ends meet; so if you want to help out, consider upgrading your $20 membership… Or maybe make a donation over there via the button on the right side of the page? :)

You can also view all of our 2012 financial data (compiled for our upcoming 501c3 application) here.

Speaking of classes…
…we’ve run some pretty neat ones in the past few weeks, with — in addition to our regular Arduino, soldering, 3D printer, laser cutter and CNC router classes — topics spanning Git, Linux command-line, to Atari Punk Circuits with the AADL, to Laser workshops with a Valentine’s Day twist. We’re in the process of organizing more classes and ideas for late March and beyond. Check out our current events listing here. If you want to teach a class, get in touch with us by replying here, or send a message to the AHA Shop mailinglist to float your idea!

It’s almost Con Season!
AHA plans on running another mini-hackerspace at Penguicon this year. We will be running a number of workshops, including soldering, cardboard crossbows, and more throughout the con; and we will be teaching classes on programming, Arduino, etc.. Let us know in the comments here/mailinglist if you want to help out (but do it soon, time is running out)! We can get you a discount on your Penguicon badge if you’re willing to put in a few hours of work for us. ;) Otherwise, do stop by and check it out. Penguicon 2013 will be running April 26-28 at the Marriott Centerpoint in Auburn Hills, MI.

Also, anyone interested in checking out Notacon this year? It would be great to send an AHA crew out there.

Board meetings:
As a reminder, the Board of Directors meets 7:00PM on the second Wednesday of the month at AHA. Meetings are open to the public, so come meet the board and ask questions and offer feedback. We really do like to hear from everyone who uses the space on how we can make it better!

Previous board meeting minutes may be found on the AHA Wiki here.

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Another Short Update With Raspberry Pi(e) and a Pair of Arduino Wings

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Weekly Update: MLK Day, Backyard Brains on CNN, Rasperry Pi, Fairy Doors!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. FTW. All Hands Active strives to give everyone access to the tools and resources they need, regardless of their race, religion, economic position, etc. This wouldn’t be possible without all the help we get every day from individuals pitching in. Special thanks to Terence O’Neill and the crew from the University of Michigan’s School of Information who came in last week to make some significant improvements to the space!

Also, Backyard Brains on CNN!

More awesome news:

  • Our Raspberry Pi meetup was killer! We’ll be doing a meetup every second Thursday of the month at 7:00pm.
  • Also, check out our Fairy Door!
  • More workshops this month: Learn Octave, and LASER Cutting
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    Projects & Events

    Studying Spikes with Backyard Brains!

    Studying Spikes with Backyard Brains!

    Neuroscience with Backyard Brains, Atari Punk Consoles, Octave and a whole lot more is happening this month. Check out our events page for the rest.

    We’re also looking for people to help out with our After School Programs, and volunteers to help staff the front desk. Contact Josh Williams if you have a few hours a week to spare!

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    A Short Video Featuring Atari Punk Console and Gmod

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    Official AHA 2012 Ornaments are Here!!!

    They are printed and ready for you and your loved ones! A small donation to your maker community of $2-$5 will get you one of these bad boys in whatever style you see here. There are a few odd ones that have turned out to look pretty awesome, but as they are one of a kind, Dana does not want to show pictures and get everyone’s hopes up. Come on down and pick it out for yourself.

    If you donated over $100 last month, you will automatically be receiving one of these and Dana will be contacting you shortly.

    You can come down to All Hands Active to pick out and purchase during open hours (2pm-10pm everyday except Monday and Wednesday). Paypal button for these to come for ease of online ordering, and yes we will be able to ship them across the country for about a $2 shipping fee. In the meantime, email for your long distance order information.

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    Sooo…we have one of these.¬†

    I (MIchael) bought it last xmas….and just haven’t had the chance to use it (grad school, blah blah blah). IF you’re interested in using AHA’s eggbot (for creating christmas decoration, eggs with various politicians on it, etc.) anyone is more than welcome in geeking out and taking the time to come down and use/calibrate it.

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    Just a Quick Post

    Well, we haven’t long before the holiday weekend and people appear to be arming themselves with Nerf rifles and potato cannons. Not sure if there’s some sort of correlation there or what, but nevertheless, I won’t assume a thing. Just make sure not to point these at anybody, okay?

    Not much else happening around the space, but we’ll have time for a larger, more eventful post within the next week or so. Stay tuned!

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    Recently completed projects at AHA!

    Members of All Hands Active have been busy working on projects! Here is a sample of what has been made recently.

    All Hands Active is in the process of re-organizing the space and re-decorating. Much progress has been made! If you haven’t been down in a while, stop and check out the changes at the space!

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