Another Short Update With Raspberry Pi(e) and a Pair of Arduino Wings

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Weekly Update: MLK Day, Backyard Brains on CNN, Rasperry Pi, Fairy Doors!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. FTW. All Hands Active strives to give everyone access to the tools and resources they need, regardless of their race, religion, economic position, etc. This wouldn’t be possible without all the help we get every day from individuals pitching in. Special thanks to Terence O’Neill and the crew from the University of Michigan’s School of Information who came in last week to make some significant improvements to the space!

Also, Backyard Brains on CNN!

More awesome news:

  • Our Raspberry Pi meetup was killer! We’ll be doing a meetup every second Thursday of the month at 7:00pm.
  • Also, check out our Fairy Door!
  • More workshops this month: Learn Octave, and LASER Cutting
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    Projects & Events

    Studying Spikes with Backyard Brains!

    Studying Spikes with Backyard Brains!

    Neuroscience with Backyard Brains, Atari Punk Consoles, Octave and a whole lot more is happening this month. Check out our events page for the rest.

    We’re also looking for people to help out with our After School Programs, and volunteers to help staff the front desk. Contact Josh Williams if you have a few hours a week to spare!

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    A Short Video Featuring Atari Punk Console and Gmod

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    Official AHA 2012 Ornaments are Here!!!

    They are printed and ready for you and your loved ones! A small donation to your maker community of $2-$5 will get you one of these bad boys in whatever style you see here. There are a few odd ones that have turned out to look pretty awesome, but as they are one of a kind, Dana does not want to show pictures and get everyone’s hopes up. Come on down and pick it out for yourself.

    If you donated over $100 last month, you will automatically be receiving one of these and Dana will be contacting you shortly.

    You can come down to All Hands Active to pick out and purchase during open hours (2pm-10pm everyday except Monday and Wednesday). Paypal button for these to come for ease of online ordering, and yes we will be able to ship them across the country for about a $2 shipping fee. In the meantime, email for your long distance order information.

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    Sooo…we have one of these.

    I (MIchael) bought it last xmas….and just haven’t had the chance to use it (grad school, blah blah blah). IF you’re interested in using AHA’s eggbot (for creating christmas decoration, eggs with various politicians on it, etc.) anyone is more than welcome in geeking out and taking the time to come down and use/calibrate it.

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    Just a Quick Post

    Well, we haven’t long before the holiday weekend and people appear to be arming themselves with Nerf rifles and potato cannons. Not sure if there’s some sort of correlation there or what, but nevertheless, I won’t assume a thing. Just make sure not to point these at anybody, okay?

    Not much else happening around the space, but we’ll have time for a larger, more eventful post within the next week or so. Stay tuned!

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    Recently completed projects at AHA!

    Members of All Hands Active have been busy working on projects! Here is a sample of what has been made recently.

    All Hands Active is in the process of re-organizing the space and re-decorating. Much progress has been made! If you haven’t been down in a while, stop and check out the changes at the space!

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    New perks for you to show your support!

    All Hands Active is a lot closer to meeting our goal for making the money we need to pay our December bills, but not close enough. We are still a little less than $1000 from our goal.

    There are still many ways for you to donate and help out your favorite hackerspace, and now you will get awesome thank you gifts from Dana/Heibai herself! With your charitable donation  given before December 1st, of $100 or more, you will receive all this awesome stuff:

    • A pair of resistor earrings. These are handmade, and each pair being unique in color combination is one of my goals. Some even come with little charms on them :D
    • One chainmaille bracelet or necklace. Specific colors can be requested, supplies permitting, and size can be custom fit. Style may also be requested, but not guaranteed, as some style require a lot of time or different materials.
    • LASER cut piece of art. This will be approximately 6″x12″ in size and will be suitable for a present or for personal enjoyment. Custom pieces can theoretically be done with the understanding that Dana is not a professional designer. We do have other people in the organization that may be able to help, their time permitting.
    • The official AHA holiday tree ornament of 2012, which the design has yet to be decided. This will also be LASER cut, and will feature a limited edition style for this year only.

    HOW TO REDEEM YOUR THANK YOU GIFTS: Once you’ve made your donation through our many different contributing options, email Dana directly at to establish communication so you can pick out which designs/styles you would like.

    It should be noted that all supplies and work going into this specific project is being donated to All Hands Active. ALL proceeds go directly towards supporting and maintaining one of the best hackerspaces in the world.

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    Support your local hackerspace!

    Hello Everyone -

    Help AHA make rent next month! On top of our estimated income, we need to bring in an additional ~$1,500 in the next four weeks. In classic NPR style, we are coming to you for help.

    Here are some things you can do:

    1. Have a few extra dollars? Donate! Please click the “Donate” button over in yonder sidebar to the right!
    2. Become a member: If you can afford membership, we’d love to have you join us!
    3. Student/Starving Hacker Member? If your financial situation supports it, we would love to have you move up to the regular member rate!
    4. Learn with us! Every month we run classes on soldering, Arduino, and how to use our Laser Cutter, 3D printer, and CNC machine. See our class listing on our events page.
    5. Got skills you want to share? We are also interested in helping you run a class! Contact us to get started.
    6. If you have friends or compatriots who would enjoy hanging out with us and making awesome stuff, bring them down! (THIS IS A BIG ONE…the more people the more love for AHA)
    7. Have your company Sponsor or Donate to AHA! We can offer exciting perks like employee memberships, advertising, private classes, or hackathons. As always, we are working to support Ann Arbor’s tech/DIY culture.
    8. Donate your time, help make AHA beautiful! Talk to us for specific suggestions.
    9. If you have skills and can make things that AHA can sell, talk to us, especially if those are things you can make at AHA! There may be a bake-and-awesome-stuff fundraising sale in the near to medium term future.

    We have done a ton of awesome things this year alone, and want to make the rest of this year even more amazing! Check out just a few of our accomplishments at:

    We want to continue growing, and we are committed to making this happen in the most efficient and low-overhead way possible. Since our founding, we have been making our membership dollars go as far as possible. If you haven’t seen the space in a while, you will be blown away at what we have to offer nowadays, so please — won’t you help us to continue this momentum?

    Every person who takes part in AHA helps shape where the space is going, and we wouldn’t be Ann Arbor’s Hackerspace if it were not for you all.

    If you have any other ideas, please talk to us — we greatly appreciate your help.

    Dana, Michael, Nate D., Nate Y., and Jamison (aka The Board).

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