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Support your local hackerspace!

Hello Everyone – Help AHA make rent next month! On top of our estimated income, we need to bring in an additional ~$1,500 in the next four weeks. In classic NPR style, we are coming to you for help. Here … Continue reading

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So we’ve finally jumped on the bandwagon and got an AHA wiki situated.  Feel free to make an account and contribute your brainmusings.

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Censorship is bad, mmkay?

Here’s a friendly reminder to stay aware of the precarious position we always seem to be in every few years with respect to censorship and the internet. The latest House bill — SOPA — seems to have lost steam for … Continue reading

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Space Race recap

Thanks to all who spent Friday the 13th hurtling through the cosmos with All Hands Active and the Elks Lodge! There was an excellent showing indeed, and I personally witnessed folks dancing so hard that their slide rules fell out … Continue reading

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New features!

In the interest of enhancing and encouraging educational events, the new Member Skill Search has gone live. If you haven’t created a user yet, do eet! Once you have a user on the site, you can access the skills list … Continue reading

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